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The Best Industrial Electricians in Calgary

If you’re looking for an established and professional commercial electrician in Calgary that is dedicated to delivering quality work then look no further than Emalgan Industrial.. We are experts in troubleshooting, design, and installation and we’ll get your project finished quickly, safely, and efficiently. Discover the peace of mind that comes with having your electrical work completed by an experienced and certified industrial electrician. If you need assistance or have any questions, contact us today!




Industrial Electrical Calgary

Calgary Industrial Electrical Installations And Repairs

Emalgan offers Calgary industrial electrical installation, and repair services. The benefits you can expect from our company are assured safety, excellent quality and competitive prices. Our professional technicians have extensive experience working with numerous types of electrical systems, including lighting systems for your plant or industrial facility. You can count on us to provide you with the highest quality service while respecting your time and budget. Reach out today and learn what Emalgan can do for your business.

Customized And Turnkey Calgary Electrical Solutions

Our Calgary industrial electricians offer turnkey automation systems and custom-designed automation control solutions for industrial applications. We install controls that not only include the latest technology but address ergonomic issues, maintenance issues, and provide flexibility for future changes. Our team can design and install an entire system from concept to commissioning – it’s what we do best!

Industrial Electrical Calgary
Industrial Electrician Services

CSA Approved Conversions and Modernizations

When you’re looking for a new or used machine, it’s important to know that it is safe to operate. New or used equipment from outside the country may or may not be CSA approved. This means you may have liability issues and insurance, cost of replacement parts and future reliability concerns. At Emalgan Industrial, we are your one-stop shop for everything related to converting systems including service, installation, inspection and maintenance of new and existing equipment.

Industrial Electrical Troubleshooting

Emalgan Services is proud to be one of the best industrial electrical troubleshooting companies in Calgary. With decades of experience, we’ve had the opportunity to learn an invaluable amount of information while helping our customers solve their industrial electrical needs. Whether you require assistance with : Panel upgrades;  Conduit installations; Machinery power supply;  Power distribution; or wiring issues (large and small). 

Emalgan has you covered. Our industrial electrical troubleshooting service is a vast pool of power distribution knowledge and experience. Combining it with our ability to find the problem, we will solve your power supply issues in no time!

Industrial Electrical Calgary

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Frequently Asked Questions

Industrial electricians install, maintain, and repair electrical equipment and parts, such as control panels. A small number are construction electricians who specialize in electrical components of buildings. They work on the systems that control everything from the temperature of factory machines to the flow of natural gas. Industrial electricians work for utilities, factories, construction companies and other organizations. Some even own their own businesses doing contract work for clients such as industrial plants and government agencies.

Industrial wiring systems encompass any wiring that is used by a large industrial facility. This can include electrical components, sensors, and even fiber optic cables. Most industrial wiring and applications will fall into these categories: fixed wiring installations and mobile or portable applications. These installations are also known as pigtailing, raceway, armored cable, metal conduit, or hardwired equipment. These installations tend to cover systems using wires that run through: metal conduit, raceway, armored cable, and junction boxes (as a point-to-point wiring system) or terminal strips (as a point-to-ground wiring system).

Multi Core Flexible Cable (MCC) is useful for electrical wiring of residential, commercial and industrial equipment where flexibility is required. It is resistant to cracking, splitting and falling out at terminations due to its flexibility.

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