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6 Warning Signs Your Industrial Machine Needs Urgent Repair

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Several industrial machines range from hundreds of thousands of dollars, making significant investments in almost every case. They usually end up in bustling, noisy environments where several operators may overlook the subtle signs of a malfunctioning machine.

Maintaining machines or other equipment is crucial in providing reliable service. However, you can’t keep the problems at bay forever. Fortunately, several issues commonly afflicted with industrial equipment usually produce easily noticeable signs of malfunctioning. 

Whether for essential calibration work or ball screw repairs to help bring a machine back into service, being vigilant of these symptoms can help reduce more significant and costly damage. Here are six signs your industrial machines need urgent repair and why you need to address these issues ASAP. 

1. Leaks

Several industrial devices like hydraulic transmissions, cooling equipment, or self-lubricating joints contain liquids. Any industrial system with any liquid must always keep it confined. Leaks are one of the most evident warning signs that your industrial machine needs urgent repair.  

They are a severe problem for industrial machines. If you notice any dripping, immediately call your local industrial machine repair company. Ignoring this problem can cause severe damage and even a total machine breakdown.

2. Lower Output Quality

There are different primary types of industrial machines that we use today. We can find them in different varieties, such as largely customised and one-off designs.

Properly functioning machines must consistently deliver quality outputs. And organisations have strictly placed quality control processes that promptly alert the system when a malfunction occurs. 

At the same time, if your machine’s output quality significantly declines, it would be best to call an industrial machine repair company immediately.

3. Unusual Noises 

Certain types of industrial equipment produce notoriously loud noises when functioning well. Familiarising yourself with the sounds of regular operations will make it easier to spot other unfamiliar noises. Sounds could range from loud grinding noises to intermittent thumpings. However, unusual noises usually spell trouble for your machine. 

4. Warning Lights

Let’s normalise not ignoring warning lights. It could save us from danger and expensive mistakes. 

Several modern machines have self-diagnostic systems that ensure the devices are functioning correctly. Recognising warning lights and other signals makes it easier to spot significant problems that we can easily overlook. 

That way, it saves you money from replacing or repairing your machines. 

5. Excessive or Uneven Vibration

Industrial equipment with rotating or reciprocating elements usually vibrates while operating. However, the kind and amount of vibration must be regular and relatively minimal, according to the equipment’s design and function. Pulses straying away from the boundaries might need urgent investigation and repair.

6. Low Productivity

As an operator, one of your crucial responsibilities is ensuring that your industrial machines run at peak efficiency.

Whether you are manufacturing products or providing services, productivity is essential for your success. 

However, if your machines’ productivity is slipping, it’s best to call a repair company to address this issue.

Why Should You Address These Issues Immediately

Most modern machines can perform beyond their limits and bring quality results. However, their condition can deteriorate with time and without proper and regular maintenance. 

Immediately tackling these issues can save you from expensive mistakes and ensure the machine operators’ safety. At the same time, it can help prevent serious problems down the line.


Regular maintenance can help keep your machines providing reliable services. However, at some point, you need to repair them. Watching out for the warning signs can save you from costly mistakes and ensure everyone’s safety. 

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