24/7 Emergency Service

24/7 Emergency Service

Why Choose Calgary’s Top Millwright Services for Equipment Installation

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New industrial equipment can cost thousands of dollars. Do you want to leave that work to amateur millwright services? Calgary industrial leaders know to turn to Emalgan Industrial Services for millwright service work.

We can customize and install new machines for a wide range of industries. Whether you work in the oil and gas industry, a wastewater treatment facility, a power plant, or any other type of industrial setting, installation services are important to have on hand. We handle conveyors, railings, stairs, baggage carousels, and other industrial equipment.

Not convinced yet? Here are just a few of the reasons to hire professional millwrights to handle your industrial installation needs.

Speedy Millwright Services Calgary Needs

When something goes wrong in the manufacturing industry, companies risk money and lives. One wastewater treatment facility incident cost more than $4 million to repair. In cases like these, a millwright will need to fix the issue as fast as possible to avoid damage to life, limb, and bottom line.

Emalgan Industrial Services will respond to any issue at any time of day. 24/7 emergency response gives you the peace of mind you need regarding equipment failure.

Regular Repair Services

While emergency response can help keep plant machinery running, you don’t want to let things get to that point. Emalgan Industrial Services offers scheduled maintenance.

We pride ourselves on keeping downtime low. You don’t want to stop running your machines for anything, and we’ll do our best to keep disruption to a minimum. Our services make a great component of a total productive maintenance approach.


When you use the same machinery for years at a time, performance problems can sneak up on you. A top-rated company can provide diagnostic services that demonstrate how well a system holds up over time and highlight potential failure points.

We can also review the results of an accident or equipment failure. You don’t want to face the same problems time and time again.

Full Service

Coordinating with different specialists can get overwhelming. You don’t want to deal with different contractors for installation, diagnostics, repair, and crisis response.

If you work with us, you’ll have access to professionals who know your systems inside and out. Our millwrights and maintenance mechanics will have extensive background with your unique system, making equipment maintenance a breeze.

Wide Range of Skills

Millwrights know how to do more than install the same system every time. A good millwright can read blueprints and weld parts. This gives the millwright the ability to handle any issue that might come up in a system.

Don’t entrust your plant machinery to anyone but a top-rated company.

Coverage Area

Emalgan Industrial Services proudly serves the greater Calgary area. When it comes to millwright services, Calgary trusts in our years of experience with complex systems.

Trust the Top Millwright Services

We offer top-rated millwright services Calgary needs at a solid price. Whether you want a basic diagnostic on a system you’ve used for years or help installing a new system, Emalgan Industrial Services has you covered.

Contact Emalgan Industrial Services, and we’ll show you why we have a reputation for treating our clients with respect and meeting their needs in a timely manner.

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